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Our Clients...

"DMI is the most consistent, professional, and focused sales partner I have worked with."



"DMI is one of the upper shelf sales teams, and a breath of fresh air.”
Cox Cable



“Reliable and professional.”
Time Waner


“DMI gets it. Staff was well trained and prepared”


Business Professionals..


 “DMI is the real deal. One of the most successful sales teams in America.”
Brian Tracy
Top Professional Business & Personal Motivational Speaker


"Jeremy and DMI are committed advocates of ongoing personal and professional development. I've enjoyed my interaction with their team."
Mark Sanborn
Author of the International Best seller "The Fred Factor"


Successful Team Members...


The only regret I have is not joining this remarkable company sooner. Deluxe Marketing Inc is the platform for success in our industry. Family and Team atmosphere is second to none. Giving opportunities and allowing individuals to grow into their own and not only change their lives but the lives of the people around them. For DMI, it goes beyond just the business aspect, from personal development to financial success, DMI is truly in the business of developing leaders of life! DMI#1”
Ramzy Mohamad California Region


"I've been in cable industry going 3 years, a year and 2 months with Deluxe Marketing Inc. I represent the Orange County Office, an absolutely beautiful market! By far DMI is the best in the industry, because of what we represent. Just to name a few, values, integrity and best of all making an impact on peoples lives. That's why I love what I do and that's why I love DMI!" DMI#1”
Fernando Lopez California Region


“My life forever changed when I started with DMI in 2008. DMI and Jeremy Larson gave me a chance to prove myself with my first leadership position. With in 6 months I was promoted and overseeing multiple offices. I am going on 5 years with DMI and every year gets better. I am constantly challenged to be the best I can be and more importantly duplicate myself in others and change lives the same way DMI has mine and my family's. I will be forever grateful to Jeremy Larson and DMI.”
William Biggs Sr.
Washington Region


“Deluxe Marketing Incorporated, is more than a career to me, its and organization that changed my life for the better, and introduced me to Personal Development.”
Christopher Scott
Washington Region


"I have been with DMI for almost 4 years. They make you feel like you're at home with a dedicated office staff to help you with anything you need to be successful. A REAL class act!"
Brent Wiscarson
Washington Region


"Having been in this industry as long as I have, and knowing what it takes to be successful; there is no other place I would rather be than DMI. The values and work ethic of the individuals in this company make me push myself to breaking point and overcome anything in life. This is the company to pledge your allegiance to and will be the first thing people hear about when it comes to being the best of the best in direct sales and face to face marketing."
Tony Ferra
Utah Region


"The one thing I can say is DMI changes lives! I've learned and grown so much with this company that I too am a changed man! Since I have moved to CA in 2009, I went from being the guy at the bus stop looking for work/the guy that wasn't sure if he could to do this, to the guy now giving other people opportunities and helping change their lives as well! DMI had an impact on me that helped me make a difference. It's chain reaction when your around leaders in this company! If you've got the dedication, motivation and integrity, with the training and support from DMI you can't lose! DMI #1".
John Smith
California Region


"DMI is a incubator for America's next leaders. The leadership team and support that DMI brings to the table is the best I have ever had the privilege to work with. The amount of lives changing around me is amazing and this opportunity has completely changed my life and my families as well."
Josh Sasser
Georgia Region


"I love the culture at DMI. We are always growing and building as a team."
Amber Dawson
California Region

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