For our clients

Tired of sub par results? Lets kick it up a notch (or two, or three). We serve our clients by by utilizing our world class sales force to dramatically increase there profitability. DMI is the nationwide leader in retail, event, door to door, and face to face marketing projects. DMI has a track record of outperforming, outselling, and outlasting competition. With a clear mission, training sessions, and communication our team is enabled to be problem solvers that move as a single unit on our clients goals. DMI has a 10 year track record of helping our clients lower staff turnover while increasing sales and subscribers. DMI brings a time tested context that has been gained from the various strategic campaigns we have successfully executed over the last 10 years. Our time proven introspect can assist in recognizing any revenue opportunities that may have gone overlooked. Gain the edge in your division by putting our time tested world class sales force on your side

For our team

Tired of the dead end job? Ready to start a career with the industry leader? Prepare for a mind shift. Prepare to look at yourself and the world from a higher level. Prepare for a Breakthrough. DMI offers a opportunity where anybody with drive and a desire to learn can build a thriving career that is not dependent on the direction of the economy. What's exciting is that you can show up at any of our 30 offices starting at the back of the line and work yourself all the way to the front. Our passion is developing leaders. Nothing is more exciting than a opportunity that allows one to add value to a person and having it multiply by them adding value to those around them. Get ready to not only be recognized for hard work but also have a blast in the process. DMI has monthly competitions, weekly leadership conference calls, personal development book studies, a annual leadership summit, and company culture like no other! DMI is the only company to in the face to face telecommunications industry to be honored a INC 500 award as one of the USA’s fastest growing companies. Be a leader. Get plugged in to DMI.

Our mission

Our mission is to add value. This is not taken lightly. We are on a relentless pursuit to bring value to our team, customers, and our clients. Our mission to add value is the the nucleus of our company strategy. Everything is based off the opportunity and responsibility to add value. We add value to our team by teaching personal development and leadership skills. We have multiple weekly leadership calls, personal development material studies, leadership events, and a culture completely reliant on developing leaders. Through testimonials and staff we have enough evidence to conclude that our culture can change anyones life if they are emotionally driven and prepared to work hard. We add value to our customers by listening to to what is important to each individual customer. Every customer is in a different situation than the previous. We care more about the customers situation than a sale. We add value to our clients by implementing our world class sales force to take effective action on the strategic marketing plan in place. DMI understands the magic that is created when two forces join to accomplish one goal. By marching to the same drum and having the same mindset we are able to expand our clients reach into the market place. This allows for DMI to providing intelligence and shared experience that can help collapse time frames to accelerate the clients market strategy. Financially DMI assists with lowering staff turnover while dramatically increasing revenue.


The leading source for reliable business news and financial information Forbes magazine shows respect to DMI for the rapid growth in a recent issue. Microsoft, Zappos, Intuit, GoDaddy, Zipcar, Clif Bar, American Apparel, Oracle, and DMI.

About our company

Our CEO/Founder is Jeremy A Larson. That is sought out for his opinion on direct marketing and sales. Jeremy has been seen on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates. Jeremy has also been featured in Inc Magazine and The Business Journal. Jeremy is known as “The Real Deal” amongst his clients and peers, he has built over a hundred sales teams in multiple locations across the globe from the ground up over the last 15 years. He has become the trusted authority among top name fortune 500 companies for designing and building direct face to face marketing programs that lower the cost of customer/subscriber acquisition while exceeding desired goals. Jeremy’s passion is leadership. The opportunity to take someone from the back of the line and give them the tools and resources to work to the front of the line is what excites him about DMI.

DMI honored by business journal

What does Facebook and DMI have in common? Both are honored by this year by The Business Journal as one of Silicon Valleys best! DMI #42 Facebook # 10. We are happy to have our name just mentioned on the same list.

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